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Back in December of 2014, we were looking for a way to help our six-year-old daughter understand that not all children had everything they wanted. We thought that involving her in volunteer work with people who were underprivileged would be a great way, but none of the organizations we reached out to would let her help.   Most said she was just too young.  We tried food banks, volunteer work and many other things. We had always done the charities that you drop off shoeboxes or pull tags from a Christmas tree, but this did not make an impact on her.  She thought that kids just like her were getting more toys.  So, we went to an elder at our church and asked him if he could make an exception for us. We explained that needed her to see the impact she was making in person.  She needed to be there when they delivered the presents.  That elder change her life forever.  He allowed us to make the delivery with them and by coincidence it happened to be on her birthday.  Let us just say everyone left in joyous tears including our six-year-old daughter.  She still says it was the best birthday she ever had. 
The following year we started a tradition on her birthday; Since she was born so close to Christmas, we started bringing the newborn babies at the hospitals around us birthday gifts.  We would drop them off for the babies that were born on her birthday.  That same year she decided to create homeless bags for our cars.  Every time she came across a homeless person, she would give them the bags she had created. These kits had food, water, umbrella, hairbrush, chap stick, beanie, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, Band-Aids and many other items.  This fueled the fire of her compassion for others.  She is constantly thinking of ways we can help the community and other children.
In 2016, along with everything else we continued to do, we connected with the Lake Elsinore School District.  They gave us a list of children that needed presents for Christmas.  They also allowed us to give these gifts directly to the families.  We provided gift for 32 children.  It was amazing!  In 2017, our daughter's school had a monthly project about helping people in the community.  My daughter asked if I would be willing to reach out to the other students and see if they wanted to join in and help us.  That way they could learn and feel the passion she had for helping others.  Therefore, we created the Little Love Bugs.  In 2017, we donated Thanksgiving meals to seven families, sang Christmas carols at the senior center, baked and gave cookies to the senior centers, police stations and fire stations. We made cards for the men and women that severed our country here and abroad, filled 34 shoeboxes for children overseas and provided Christmas presents for 34 children and their parents. 
As the group continues to evolve, we look for new ways to bless others within our community and beyond.  Our goal is to do our part in making the world a better place for all and teaching children they can make a big difference.  Long term we look to establish an appreciation for helping others, and plant the seeds for a life of philanthropy in the kids we meet.
God Bless!

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